Terms and Conditions

All ongoing work is to be paid for monthly and in advance, as is clearly stipulated in the Agreement which each client signs. The reason for this is that it serves as a retainer, or deposit if you will, for one month of work to protect both parties; when I agree to work for a client, I then have to block out those hours in my diary each month to complete this work which, in turn, prevents me from accepting other work. If the client were to then unexpectedly renounce the agreed work for the current month, it’s already too late for me to secure other work to fill that time and I am at a loss, having blocked that time out for that client specifically. For this reason, the Agreement serves as a rolling monthly contract for both parties. Equally the Agreement states that, having been paid upfront, I must fully complete all work in the current month. This is to protect the client so that, in the unlikely event that I were to unexpectedly terminate our Agreement, the client is not left with sudden and unforeseen gaps in the current month’s content calendar.

Both parties retain the right to cancel work for the following month and thereafter, without any obligation to pay for/complete this work, as per the following clause in the Agreement: 


This Agreement can be terminated at any time by either party with written notice via email. In the event that either party should terminate the Agreement, any work already paid for in advance shall be completed. Equally, in the event that either party should terminate this Agreement, any outstanding payment owed to Massimo Media including interest and administration fees shall remain fully chargeable and payable.”

Please also note the following terms outlined in each Agreement regarding late payment:

Late Payment

In the case of late payment, a statutory interest rate may be charged. Massimo Media accept no liability for the impact of ceased work, e.g. missed Instagram posts and/or loss of earnings to the client as a result of late payment. In the event of late payment, you may also be charged an admin fee for the cost of recovering the late payment. Once the late payment, interest and administration fee are received, work will recommence for the following week unless this Agreement is thereafter terminated in writing by either party.”

If you have any further questions as to how I work, please do not hesitate to drop me an email at jadefraser@massimomedia.com