Email Marketing

A strong email marketing strategy is an integral part of marketing for any company. I can create a strategy for you that will seamlessly compliment both your social media and offline marketing, reinforcing your brand values and strengthening your core message. 

Weekly newsletters, seasonal campaign, product launches, sale announcements... Email can be used in a multitude of ways to remind customers and potential customers of what you have to offer. I can blend wording, imagery and even video to create beautiful and engaging emails that will catch the eye of your customers and potential customers. 

Using the tools at my disposal, I can monitor success to find the perfect email marketing strategy to engage your customers without turning them off. I can create specific subscriber lists to separate your subscribers according to factors such as location, age, and browsing preferences. This means you can use email marketing to reward your VIP customers and encourage those who haven't purchased yet to do so. Send birthday deals, thank you emails, service updates and e-receipts. Use email marketing to give your brand marketing a personal touch.