As a blogger myself, I have the perfect understanding of not only what a brand expects from a blogger relationship but also what a blogger needs in return. I can use my connections in the blogging world to get your products promoted by professional bloggers with a large and loyal following. 

Whether it's a review, product placement, private feedback, a fabulous launch party or a focus group brainstorming session, I can create and organise a tailor-made blogger outreach strategy that will get your brand the exposure it deserves.

Running a popular blog myself, I expect only the best from the bloggers I choose to work with. My network of bloggers have been selected specifically for their professionalism and reliability, producing timely and effecting coverage. This means no waiting around for reviews which don't appear and no poorly produced posts. 

My database of approved bloggers ranks influencers according to their niche and their strengths e.g. stunning photography, beautiful writing or encapsulating YouTube video production as as well as by their social media following and engagement. I'm constantly updating my blogger database, constantly adding dynamic new influencers and removing those who are no longer relevant.