Social Media FAQs

Here are some of the top questions I get asked about social media marketing, all answered for you in one place!

I barely have time to run my business as it is but I know I need a social media presence. How did I find time to fit it all in?
Don't worry, I fully understand that it's unrealistic to expect every business to have a dedicated social media marketing team, or even sometimes one social media person. Instead, I encourage you to assess the time that you do have each week, even if it's just an hour, and then prioritise and allocate your social media tasks accordingly. Remember, it only takes a few seconds to send a tweet and when it comes to social media, every little helps. Whether it's a stolen moment between meetings or stealing a second in the supermarket queue, there's always time for a tweet! If you'd like, I can create a tailored social media plan and checklist for you, based on your personal time allowances, to help you to stay on top of things. I can even pick up the slack when you're having a busy week! Sound good? Get in touch with me at

How often should I post?
This is really dependent on a number of factors, the most important of which is your resources. If you only have time to post once a week, only post once a week. If you can manage more, great! Always remember, when it comes to social media, quality trumps quantity. It's much better to post something highly interesting to your followers once a month than to post something mundane every hour just for the sake of it. While it's good to remain in the forefront of your followers' minds, they can also actually get turned off by over-posting which is considered spammy. Finding the right frequency is often a case of trial and error, although there are some tools which you can use to find the posting sweet spot faster. Apps like Tweriod and Iconosquare can tell you when the majority of your followers are online as well as the in-built analytics in some platforms such as Facebook. 

Do I need to be on every social media platform?
Absolutely not. In fact, I strongly advise against it. There are always more potential followers to be reached on social media so don't kill yourself trying to get to them all. You will only spread your resources too thin and end up with multiple flimsy campaigns that reflect badly on your brand. Instead, focus on those social media platforms which your customers use the most and put your resources into building strong campaigns which will really speak to your followers and bring you business.

Which social media platforms should I be on then?
This is completely personal to your business and your customers. Are you in the business of beauty and fashion? You'll probably want to be on Pinterest and Instagram. All about B2B marketing? LinkedIn and Twitter and likely the places for you. The most important thing to remember is that wherever your customers are, that is where you want to be. Not sure where that is? Ask them! Comment cards, email feedback or good old word of mouth. Understanding your customers is the key part of any marketing campaign, social media or otherwise. Too shy to ask or not started trading yet? Check out your competitors and see which platforms their customers use, after all, you want their customers to become your customers right? Need more advice? Email me at for tailored guidance on your social media strategy.

Do I need to be available on social media 24/7?
No, not at all. Think of social media as online customer service. While it's obviously better to acknowledge queries as quickly as possible, it's perfectly understandable that you will be AFK from time to time (that's 'Away From Keyboard' by the way - you're welcome!). A recommended rule of practise is that, as long as your business office is open, you should aim to periodically check your social media.

What if someone tweets me overnight, isn't it bad for business to leave it until the morning?
It's perfectly okay to only respond on social media during business hours. Customers understand that you are human and have lives too! Even big businesses like Google close their office doors each day, take a break!

I’m not good at taking photos. How do I run an Instagram account?
You don't need to be a pro photographer to have a successful Instagram account (although I can't deny that it helps!). More importantly though, Instagram is all about sharing moments more than beautiful imagery and you'll actually find that people are far more likely to respond well to a snap of a Starbucks on a Monday morning than a beautiful sunset - it's just not where their heads are at! Instagram, like all social media platforms, is about showing your followers that you understand them more than anything. Understand what they like, understand what they're into and, more importantly from a business point of view, that you understand what they need. As long as you can do this you're golden. Still not convinced? You can always outsource your Instagram photography and let me take care of it for you. Interested? Email me at to discuss having me do the work for you.

I’m not artistic, how do I participate on Pinterest?
As with Instagram, Pinterest is more about shared interests than anything else. You don't have to have the most beautiful boards. You just need boards which resonate with your followers and their interests. Pinterest is simply a shared virtual pinboard so put yourself in the mind of your target customer and think, what would they pin to their own boards? Recipes, hair and beauty looks or even encouraging quotes.  It doesn't have be beautiful. As the name suggests, it just has to be of interest! Still not convinced? Email me at jadefraser@massimomedia today ask me about creating some brilliant boards for you.

Still got a question? I'll be adding to this list so please feel free to tweet me your questions to @MassimoMedia or, for tailored advice for your company, email me a