Social Media FAQs

I barely have time to run my business as it is but I know I need a social media presence. How did I find time to fit all in?
Don't worry, we fully understand that it's unrealistic to expect every business to have a dedicated social media marketing team, or even sometimes one social media person. Instead, we encourage you to assess the time that you do have each week, even if it's just an hour, and then prioritise and allocate your social media tasks accordingly. Remember, it only takes a few seconds to send a tweet and when it comes to social media every little helps. Whether it's a stolen moment between meetings or stealing a second in the supermarket queue, there's always time for a tweet! If you'd like, we can create a tailored social media plan and checklist for you, based on your personal time allowances, to help you to stay on top of things. We can even pick up the slack when you're having a busy week! Sound good? Get in touch with us

How often should I post?
This is really dependent on a number of factors, the most important of which is your resources. If you only have time to post once a week, only post once a week. If you can manage more, great! Always remember, when it comes to social media, quality trumps quantity. It's much better to post something highly interesting to your followers once a month than to post something mundane every hour just for the sake of it. While it's good to remain in the forefront of your followers' minds, they can also actually get turned off by over-posting which is considered spammy. Finding the right frequency is often a case of trial and error, although there are some tools which you can use to find the posting sweet spot faster. Apps like Tweriod and Iconosquare can tell you when the majority of your followers are online as well as the in-built analytics in some platforms such as Facebook. 

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