Social Media Glossary

Incoming hyperlinks to one website from others. Good (non-spammy) backlinks are useful in the practise of SEO for ranking a site higher in searches. 

A regularly updated website which features topical posts and is often written in a conversational manner

CPC (Cost-Per-Click)
A type of advertising by which the advertiser pays the publisher (usually a host site e.g. a blog or social media site) for each time an advert is clicked.

Domain Authority (DA)
A score out of 100 that predicts how high a website will rank on search engines. Note: Very few sites get a perfect score of 100 so don't stress if yours doesn't.

The amount of people who interact with a post by clicking, watching, liking, reposting etc.

Google Analytics
A programme run by Google which can be installed on websites to provide key analytical information such as traffic sources, revenue generated and visitor demographics.

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