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Increase Your Business, Decrease Your Stress
As a business owner or a busy professional, your work life is likely busy beyond belief. You always have more to do than available time to do it in, and you’re constantly worried about what’s not going well and how you can fix it. You want less stress and more achievement in your life, but it’s a struggle. Here are a few ways to lessen the struggle so you can relax and hit the ground running as you achieve your goals.


Focus on Your Mind
As you’re working through how to handle your busy life, don’t forget to prioritize your mental health and well-being. One of the best ways to do that is to cope with stress and anxiety so you can be completely present in every situation instead of using half your mind to worry about the major problem at work that only you can solve. Meditation and yoga can help you do this by bringing together your mind, body, and spirit. Learning deep-breathing exercises is effective for reducing stress as well, particularly when it comes to work-related stress. Although we all experience stress in the workplace, sometimes it becomes too much to bear, especially when if we have a fight with our boss or are dealing with a round of layoffs. Such stressors can cause health problems or lead to an addiction, so it’s important to manage stress before it becomes overwhelming. Anything that positively relieves stress can be seen as a benefit.

Health and Exercise
Focusing on your physical health is also very important to reducing your stress and maximizing your performance at work. You have to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle or you will quickly burn out, which will be no good for you or those dependent on you. The two key drivers of this are nutrition and exercise. Remember that food is fuel, and you must put the best in your body if you want it to perform well. You should also build an exercise routine that works for you. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it does need to be consistent to have the intended effect. Good sleep is another key component of your physical health - your body needs regular rest to perform at its best.

List and Prioritize
If you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to do, start by prioritizing your goals. Write down everything you need to do and then rank them from most important to least important - the things you have to do first should be at the top of the list. As you accomplish each task, you can move on to the next; your list is basically functioning as an agenda for your day. If your list is long, don’t focus on how much is on it. Just do the next thing on the list, one at a time. This will keep you focused on one task instead of worrying about something much farther down the list. You will likely be surprised when you realize how much you have accomplished at the end of the week.

Write it Down
If you are having trouble getting your mind off your work even while you’re with your family at home, one effective technique can be to write everything down. You can write out the problem you’re thinking about, potential solutions and other notes that come to mind. Getting everything out of your mind and onto paper will give your brain a chance to relax and come back to the problem later.

Following these basic tips will get you started reducing stress and achieving your goals in the workplace. You will have the best success if you can find someone to focus on these things with you, especially if it’s an advisor or coach who can help you along. Turn your attention to less stress, and you’ll find more success.

Guest Article written by Julie Morris
Life and Career Coach

Social Media FAQs

I barely have time to run my business as it is but I know I need a social media presence. How did I find time to fit all in?
Don't worry, we fully understand that it's unrealistic to expect every business to have a dedicated social media marketing team, or even sometimes one social media person. Instead, we encourage you to assess the time that you do have each week, even if it's just an hour, and then prioritise and allocate your social media tasks accordingly. Remember, it only takes a few seconds to send a tweet and when it comes to social media every little helps. Whether it's a stolen moment between meetings or stealing a second in the supermarket queue, there's always time for a tweet! If you'd like, we can create a tailored social media plan and checklist for you, based on your personal time allowances, to help you to stay on top of things. We can even pick up the slack when you're having a busy week! Sound good? Get in touch with us

How often should I post?
This is really dependent on a number of factors, the most important of which is your resources. If you only have time to post once a week, only post once a week. If you can manage more, great! Always remember, when it comes to social media, quality trumps quantity. It's much better to post something highly interesting to your followers once a month than to post something mundane every hour just for the sake of it. While it's good to remain in the forefront of your followers' minds, they can also actually get turned off by over-posting which is considered spammy. Finding the right frequency is often a case of trial and error, although there are some tools which you can use to find the posting sweet spot faster. Apps like Tweriod and Iconosquare can tell you when the majority of your followers are online as well as the in-built analytics in some platforms such as Facebook. 

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Social Media Glossary

Incoming hyperlinks to one website from others. Good (non-spammy) backlinks are useful in the practise of SEO for ranking a site higher in searches. 

A regularly updated website which features topical posts and is often written in a conversational manner

CPC (Cost-Per-Click)
A type of advertising by which the advertiser pays the publisher (usually a host site e.g. a blog or social media site) for each time an advert is clicked.

Domain Authority (DA)
A score out of 100 that predicts how high a website will rank on search engines. Note: Very few sites get a perfect score of 100 so don't stress if yours doesn't.

The amount of people who interact with a post by clicking, watching, liking, reposting etc.

Google Analytics
A programme run by Google which can be installed on websites to provide key analytical information such as traffic sources, revenue generated and visitor demographics.

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Why You SHOULD Consider Buying Followers ON SOCIAL MEDIA...

How it works
Before we jump into discussing whether or not you should be buying Twitter followers, let us first take a minute to briefly explain exactly how this concept works. Buying followers allows us to skip the time issue and jump straight to the part where we have lots of followers to show how cool/popular/important our company and/or brand is. Buying followers is generally pretty cheap ( are currently offering 1,000 followers for a very affordable £8), and the results are usually pretty instantaneous with the new followers often appearing within a matter of days and sometimes hours of you placing an order. You can also purchase interaction packages which will buy you not only new followers but also retweets and favourites to further emphasise the image of a popular profile. 

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